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BVC 5 - User Options

User Settings
Private Store When checked, the store will require users to sign-in before navigating through the store.
Password Minimum Length Sets the minimum password length for users.
Default Password Encryption Sets the password encryption used by the store. Hashed being most secure, followed by Encryption and then Clear Text. It is strongly recommended for security purposes that passwords not be stored in Clear Text.
Failed Logins Sets the number of login attempts before locking the user out of their account. You can also set the number of minutes the user is locked out.
User ID Cookie Name Sets the name for the User ID Cookie Name
Cart ID Cookie Name Sets the name for the Cart ID Cookie Name
Last Products Viewed Cookie Name Sets the Last Products Viewed Cookie Name
Remember Users If checked, the BVC 5 store will automatically recognize returning users and sign them in automatically.
Remember User Passwords This option will remember user’s passwords for return visits.
Redirect Users to Home Page on Login When checked, users will be directed back to the stores home page upon signing in from the login page.
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  • Toll-free  888-665-8637
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