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BVC 5 - Manual Introduction

The following sections will help familiarize you with the structure of the user manual and how it’s presented. As you navigate through the user manual, you’ll become familiar with the terms and images used in BVC 5. We’ll also discuss technical terms for technologies used within the software. The manual will present images, icons, text and videos that will make clear the features offered in BVC 5. Below, we’ll identify what you can expect to see throughout the manual.


Images will be used to describe most items with corresponding arrows to point at the items being dicussed. View the image below as an example.

Some images will contain numbered arrows corresponding to definitions following the image.


Text will likely follow all images to explain in further detail the item(s) being discussed. Make sure you read this information to better your understanding on how each item works.

Manual Icons

Manual icons will be used to identify helpful information. This information may help with the understanding of a particular feature or the understanding of a possible outcome due to a change of events.

Manual Icons

Videos - Some, if not all, sections for the user manual will include an accompanying video. The videos will provide a walk through of the current item or a process of items that may relate to the current topic being discussed.

When this icon appears, you will have the ability to watch a video by clicking on the icon. Each video contains audio. Make sure your computer speakers are turned on and the volume is at a comfortable level.

Note: You must have Flash video player installed to view the videos (most web browsers have the Flash player installed already). If you’re not sure, you may visit Adobe’s web site to download the latest Flash player: http://www.adobe.com

Tips - Occasionally we may offer tips that will help you with a particular process. Tips are normally non essential in relation to your store processes.
Notes - Notes indicate important items which we’d like to make you aware off.
Alerts - Alerts indicate items that are essential to know. Alerts may explain problems that could occur with a process. Likewise alerts will be used to explain any negative consequences for certain actions.
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