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BVC 5 - Marketing

The Marketing tab is the location where store administrators will configure discounts and sales. Let’s take a look at feature differences between discounts and sales.


  • Discounts offer the ability for Buy One Get One free promotions, deductions off products, order totals, and shipping costs.
  • Discounts include the ability to require a promotional code for use and the ability to require a minimum quantity purchased before taking affect.
  • Discounts also include the ability to limit the amount of use per customer and store.


  • Sales offer the ability for store wide discounts, by product, by category and by product type.
  • Sales offer many possibilities for reducing the cost of items, including the following; Percentage off List Price, Amount off List Price, Percentage off Site Price, Amount off Site Price, Percentage above Site Cost, Amount above Site Cost and Fixed Price.

Both promotional types include start and end dates.

The main differences between the two types of promotions are the granularity in configurable options. Discounts offer more granular options where sales offer discounts more suitable for larger scope discounting.

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