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BVC 5 - Product Review Options

Product Reviews

Product reviews provide a method for shoppers to provide their feedback on a particular product. Product reviews can also be manually added in the Customer Reviews area of the Catalog admin section as in the case of accepting feedback via e-mail. Product reviews are configured as shown in Figure 1 below.

Product Review Options
Allow Product Reviews Turns Product Reviews on/off for the store.
Show Product Reviews on Site? If turned off, the reviews submitted by customers will not appear on the site. Reviews will only appear in the admin area.
Moderate Product Reviews When turned on, the store admin must moderate or approve the review before it’s posted to the site. The store admin can also edit or delete reviews submitted.
Allow Product Rating Determines if the average rating is displayed above the review.
Allow Karma Scores The Karma score is used to determine the sort order of reviews. Higher Karma score (was this helpful) = higher ranking. The top x reviews show up on the product page itself. Clicking the Yes button = +1 karma, clicking the No = -1 Karma.
Show how many reviews at first? Controls the number of reviews to display on the product page. A link will appear to view all reviews.
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