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BVC 5 - Type Properties

Type properties are used as the building blocks put together to define a Product Type or a "template" of merchant information for new products. Type properties can be one of four types:


The Text property type is one that will provide the person creating a new product the ability to enter text associated with this field in the "Other Properties" section as discussed in the Product Type topic. In the case shown in Figure 1 above, in the other properties section of creating a new product a textbox will appear allowing the input of data. The label for the textbox will be as displayed under "Display Name" above and the contents of the text box, if provided, will be populated with the Default Value. This information can be for merchant use only if clearing the "Display on Site" checkbox and this information can also be used to provide information to the drop shipper when this product is purchased.

Multiple Choice

A multiple choice property type will provide a drop down selector in the other properties configuration of a new product. In the case above, the person configuring a new product will see a drop down containing shirt sizes X-Large to X-Small. This will not provide the shopper a selection system; this is only for merchant configuration of a new product.


A currency property type is a field that will contain data in the type "currency" or money. In the example shown above (Figure 3), we’ve included a field that will accept a currency value. In this example, we want to include the Canadian price of the product on the store for our customers to view.


A date field can be used for information such as a "release date" as displayed in the sample above. A default value is set however can be changed when configuring the new product.

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