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BVC 5 - Taxes

Tax Options
Charge Tax On Gift Wrapping If Gift Wrapping is enabled, taxes will be charged on the Gift Wrapping amount.
Charge Tax On Shipping Charges taxes on shipping cost.
Charge Tax On Non-Shipping Items Charges taxes on non-shipping items (ex: downloadable items).

The Tax section allows unlimited taxes to be configured and listed as in Figure 2 above. Click the "new" button to add taxes. You may also click the edit or delete for existing taxes.

Tax Options Continued
Country Sets the Country the tax will apply to
State/Region Sets the State/Region the tax will apply to. You may use the “All States/Regions” option to apply tax to all areas in the “Country”.
County Applies the tax to the County. Likewise you may leave this at “All Counties” to apply the tax to all counties under the “State/Region”.
Postal/Zip Code Applies the tax to the specific Postal/Zip Code. Leave blank to apply the tax to all Postal/Zip Codes within the County or State/Region.
Rate Sets the rate for the tax.
Apply to Items of Type Tax Classes may be configured under Settings > Tax Classes. Tax Classes may be applied to products within the store. Use this option to define what Tax Classes apply for this Tax.
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