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BVC 5 - Shipping Options

The first option on this page allows you to specify a “handling fee amount” per item or per order. You may also charge handling on “non-shipping” items by selecting the “charge handling on non-shipping items” checkbox.

Figure 2 displays the options for adding new shipping methods. Shipping methods will appear to the customer at checkout. The customer will have the ability to select from the list of available shipping methods at checkout.

Select a shipping method from the drop down list and click the “new” button.

By default, BVC 5 ships with five built in shipping methods, as well UPS, FedEx and USPS.

The five built in shipping methods include By Item Count, By Order Total, By Weight, Per Item and Per Order.

Upon clicking the new button, you’ll be directed to the shipping methods options page.

From here, you can provide a name for the shipping method, configure the amount to be charged, adjustments and what countries/regions the shipping method is available for.

The FedEx, USPS, and UPS shipping methods each have their own configurable options.

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