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BVC 5 - General Options

General Options
Store Is Closed When checked, the store will display the closed page configured under Content > Closed Page. Administrators will not see the closed page. Administrators will be able to navigate through the store as if it were opened.
Store Name The store name will appear in the title bar of the browser when viewing the stores home page. This name is also displayed on the home page of your store in certain themes.
Store Email Address Sets the stores default email address.
Site Home Page File Name This sets the file used for the stores home page. This file will be used as a reference for certain pages redirecting users back to the home page.
WYSIWYG Editor Sets the HTML or WYSIWYG editor for text areas within the admin.
Reports Default Page Sets the default report when navigating to the Reports tab.
Disable Admin “Lights” for Orders Removes the status lights on the order manager page.
Allow Personalized Themes Allows users to set the theme for the store under the “My Account” menu. This theme will only appear for that particular user.
Open Store-Side Admin Panel Links in New Window Opens links in the admin toolbar on the store in new a new window.
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