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BVC 5 - Mail Server

Mail Server Options
Mail Server All mail sent out by the store will be routed through the mail server defined in this field. Enter in the URL or IP address for your mail server. This information is normally obtained from your hosting or e-mail account provider.
Use Basic SMTP Authentication Some mail servers allow an extra layer of security when sending mail known as SMTP Authentication. This option allows you to turn on SMTP Authentication for all outgoing emails the store sends.
Username/Password Provide the e-mail address and password for the email account.
Forgot Password Template Sets the email template used when a customer selects the “Forgot Password” option on the store. Email templates can be configured under Content > Email Templates.
Email Friend Template When viewing a product on the store, the customer has the ability to email the product information to a friend. This option sets the email template they will receive.
Contact Us Email Template Customers may send correspondence via a contact form under the Customer Service menu of the store. This form can be turned on or off and configured under People > Contact Us Config.

This email template allows the store administrator to configure how the correspondence looks when received.
Contact Page Email Recipient Set’s the email address for the user who will receive the email correspondence sent by the contact form mentioned above.
Send Test Message Allows the store admin to send a test message to a specified email address. This feature can be used to test the mail server and make sure it’s functioning properly.
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