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BVC 5 - Reports

Affiliate Reports

Select the affiliate from the drop down list and the appropriate month/year combination. Click the “view” button to generate the report.

Affiliate Reports will also display each order number associated with a sale.

Daily & Sales by Date

The Daily Sales and Sales by Date report both generate a sales summary for a selected date. The Daily Sales report will only display summaries for one day at a time. The Sales by Date report has a configurable date range that can be adjusted by the store admin.

Keyword Searches

The Keyword Searches report displays a summary of all keywords searched for in the store. This report will also show the number of times the keyword was searched for (hits) and the percentage.

Resetting the results will also clear out all search results stored for store users.

Sales by Coupon

The Sales by Coupon report displays sales associated with a selected coupon code. Select the coupon code from the drop down list and click “ok” to generate the report.

Sales by Customers

The Sales by Customers report displays each customer that’s made a purchase on the store. This list will display the customers with the highest sales in descending order to the customer with the lowest. Click the “view” button to view the customer’s details.

Sales by Product

The Sales by Product report is similar to the Sales by Customers report. Each item ordered is displayed in a list with the highest ordered item at the top. Use the “date” drop down list to filter the report results.

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