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BVC 5 - Dashboard

The BVC 5 admin dashboard is a very useful and highly customizable page that displays various items defined by the store admin. The store admin can add or delete items on the dashboard to fit their needs. The items displayed on the dashboard are known as “Content Blocks”.

Before we move forward, we should discuss these customizable “Content Blocks” and the columns (“Content Columns”) in which they’re displayed.

Content Blocks

Content Blocks are customizable elements that you can add or remove from Content Columns. Most Content Blocks contain performance and presentation options editable by the store admin.

Content Columns

Content Columns are columns within the store or admin area that contain Content Blocks. The admin dashboard has 3 Content Columns.

Each Content Column has a corresponding edit button allowing you to add, edit or remove Content Blocks. Clicking the edit button below each Column takes us to an Edit Column Page.

Edit Content Column Page

Content Column Name: In this example we’re editing “System Admin Dashboard 3”. Let’s break down this name to further understand it’s meaning:

System - Signifies this column is a “System” generated column and cannot be totally deleted off the store. However, the content blocks within the column may be deleted.

Admin - The area the column will appear. In this example, this column will appear in the “admin” and not the store.

Dashboard – Specifies the page this column will appear on.

3 - The column number you’re editing. The admin dashboard contains 3 columns.
2 Content Blocks drop down list: Content Blocks can be added by selecting an item in the drop down list and clicking the “new” button. This will add the selected content block to the column.
3 Content Block Name: Displays the name of the Content Block.
4 Positioning arrows: Allows the store admin to position the Content Block on the page. Select the up or down arrow to move the block above or below other blocks in the column.
5 Edit Button: Some Content Blocks have editable options. Select the edit button to configure its options.
6 Delete Button: The delete button removes the item from the Content Column but does not permanently delete the Content Block.
7 Copy To: The “Copy To” feature allows you to copy a Content Column and all of its Content Blocks to another Content Column in your store or admin.
8 Clone As: Similar to the “Copy To” feature, this allows you to clone the Content Column. Once cloned, the Content Column and all of its blocks will be stored in the Content > Columns section of the admin. You can then save it for later use or add it to another Column within the store or admin.
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