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BVC 5 - Administrators Guide

The store home page can be viewed by opening a web browser (ex: Internet Explorer or FireFox) to the URL specified in the BVC 5 Site Manager when creating the site. If you selected the FTP option when creating the site, you’ll need to use the URL provided by your hosting company. We’ll discuss two ways to enter the stores administrative area (otherwise known as the admin area).

We’ll use this admin area to configure and build our store.

Admin from the Store

Once you’ve navigated to the stores home page, click the “Sign In” link located at the top of the screen.

Sign in with the username and password provided when creating the site.

The default username is “admin”. The default password is “password”.

Once signed in as an administrator, the admin toolbar will appear horizontally across the top of the page with shortcuts to pages within the admin. Click the “Go to Admin” link to access the admin area as pictured below.

Entering Admin from Site Manager

Alternatively, you can enter the admin area using the BVC 5 Site Manager. Open the BVC 5 Site Manager from your Windows Start Menu on the computer where the software was installed. If you need assistance with opening the Site Manager , please visit the Site Manager section of the user manual.

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