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BVC 5 - Manual Installation

Deciding on Manual or Automatic Installation

Some users may not have the ability to run the previously mentioned Site Manager utility. The instructions below will explain how to install BV Software manually.

Alternatively you can use the Site Managers “FTP” option if you need to manually install the software. These steps are listed in the "Site Manager" section of the manual. This option will automatically upload all necessary files to your server, build your database and populate your stores default data.

Step 1 - Copying Files

If you have not run the installer EXE from your download you will need to run this on your local machine first. This will unpack the source files to c:\Program Files\BVSoftware\BVC5 [edition]

Browse to the C:\Program Files\BVSoftware\BVC5 [edition]\www folder using Windows Explorer or My Computer

Copy all files in this folder to the your web site on your remote server (in the folder where you’d like your store to be)

Step 2 – Creating a Virtual Root in IIS

On your remote server, open the Internet Information Services Manager from Control Panel->Administration Tools

If you are creating a new web site, right-click on the Web Sites folder and choose New Web Site. Create the new web site as normal under IIS by selecting your new web site directory as the root of your new web site.

If you are adding BVC 5 as a subdirectory under another web site, navigate to the directory where you installed BVC 5 in the IIS manager. Right-click on the folder and choose properties. Make sure you have the Directory tab selected and click the Create Button next to application name.

Step 4 – Setting File Permissions

All ASP.NET applications run as a Windows user account. (ASPNET for Windows 2000, XP and IIS_WPG for Windows 2003) BVC 5 allows administrators to upload files and modify the web.config file which is an XML file.

To make these changes, the ASP.NET user account on your web server must have these permissions:

  • Full Access permissions to <install dir>/web.config (this is optional)
  • Full Access permissions to <install dir>/images folder and sub folders
  • Full Access permissions to <install dir>/files folder

You will need to configure these settings manually or run these commands (only for Windows 2000 or XP) at the command prompt. You may need to change the directory name to your installation directory if you did not install to the default location.

  • CACLS c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bvc5\web.config /E /G ASPNET:F
  • CACLS c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bvc5\images /T /E /G ASPNET:F
  • CACLS c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bvc5\files /T /E /G ASPNET:F

Step 5 – Database Setup

Located under the "BVAdmin" folder is a folder named "BVSql". This folder contains the scripts needed to build and populate your stores database.

Create your database using SQL 2005 and execute the these scripts.

Step 5a – Connection String

In the root folder of your web site there is a file named web.config. Open the web.config file in a text editor (like notepad or TextEdit) and locate the connectionStrings section. It will start with this tag: <connectionStrings>

Inside the <connectionStrings> section there is a tag that looks like this:

<add name="Bvc5Database" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLExpress;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\Bvc5.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True"/>

Change the tag to look like this:
<add name="Bvc5Database" connectionString="server=MYSERVER;database=MYDATABASE;uid=MYUSERNAME;pwd=MYPASSWORD;"/>

Replace the bold words with your own information

MYSERVERThe name of your SQL server
MYDATABASEThe name of your SQL database
MYUSERNAMEyour SQL login name
MYPASSWORDyour SQL login password

Save the web.config file

Step 6 – Launching the Site

Open a web browser to the URL of your newly created store. ASP.NET will compile some pages the first time you visit your store so be patient at first. The second visit to any page will be much faster.

Navigate to the /BVAdmin folder (http://localhost/bvc5/BVAdmin/Login.aspx) [replace bvc5 with the name of your virtual directory, or replace localhost/bvc5 with the domain or IP address of your new site]

Login As:
  • Username = admin
  • Password = password

You should now see the admin homepage. On the left column you should see a link to the “Getting Started Checklist” which will help you configure your store’s options.

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