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BVC 5 - File Downloads

If you have a product which offers a download, enter the information in the File Download area of the Edit Product page.

You can upload a file using the “choose” button. Optionally, if the file is too large that it may timeout the upload process, the file can be FTP'd into the "Files" folder.

File Downloads

File Download Options
Upload a new file to the site Use the “choose” button to upload a file to the site. If the file is large in size, you may want to upload the file manually via FTP.
Use a file that has already been uploaded Use this option to select a file that already exists within the Files folder.
Short Description Enter a Short Description of the file. This description will appear in areas where the file is available.
Available For Set an expiration date on the file. Once this date expires, the file download will no longer be available.
Number of times the file can be downloaded Set the number of times the file can be downloaded.

Select the “add file” button to add the file to the product.

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