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BVC 5 - Additional Images

Each product can be displayed with an unlimited amount of images.

Images are uploaded and saved to the Products folder within your web store. ASPNET user (Windows 2000) or IIS_WPG user (Windows 2003) must have Write permissions to upload images.

To ensure fast image browsing, it is recommended that images be uploaded to logical folders limiting the number of images in one folder.

Additional Images will appear when a customer clicks the “More Pictures” button when viewing a product.

Adding Additional Images

Select the “Additional Images” link in the left menu when creating a new product or editing an existing product.

Click the "new" as display below in Figure 2 to add a new additional image.

You can manually enter the image path in the “File Name” field or use the “Select” button to browse for an image. The “Caption” defines the text that will appear below an image when displayed on the site. The “Alternate Text” is displayed when hovering over an image with a mouse cursor. Alternate text is also displayed in place of an image if the customer has image viewing turned off in their browser.

Clicking the “select” button opens the image browser as displayed in Figure 3 below.

Let’s discuss each section of the image browser.

Browse Images

The Browse Images section displayed in Figure 4 will show all images in a selected folder.

Use the folder icon at the top of the window (followed by two periods “..”) to navigate up or back a folder level.

Other options include creating a new folder, copying an image or renaming an image.

Incorrect permissions may result in an error on this page. If you receive an error when trying to create, copy or rename a folder, contact your hosting company and verify the permissions listed earlier in the article.

Image Information

The Image Information section displayed in Figure 5 shows a preview of the selected image. You can choose this image, cancel or delete the selected image.

Selecting “choose this image” will add the selected image as an additional image.

Upload New Images

Click the “choose” button to select an image from your local drive.

If you would like the image to display in the source file size, click the upload button. Options are available to automatically resize and optimize the image for you, making it easy to create consistently sized images.

Depending on the setting in the Options > Images area, images will be forced to the defined sizes or displayed in the source file size.

If desired, choose the option to rename the image. Careful planning will help in keeping your store organized and it is recommended to rename files such as "book_small.jpg" "book_main.jpg" etc. When the properties have been set, click the upload button. The image will be displayed in Image Information preview window, click the "choose this image" button to use this image.

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