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BVC 5 - Users

Users are "people" that have rights to assigned areas of BVC 5 just like Windows accounts. A user can have rights to view/access selected areas in the admin and can be used to limit employee access to select areas to perform their duties or disallow access to areas they are not permitted to view.

Users also include customers. From the initial users screen, you can create new users or edit existing users.

Create a New User

Click the “new” button to create a new user.

Let’s discuss each section individually:

User Info
Username The username is the unique name given to a user. This username will be used to log into the store.
Email Sets the email address for the user.
First/Last Name Sets the First and Last name of the user.
Password Format Clear Text:  Stores and displays the password in plain text.

Hashed:  Hashed passwords can never be recovered (decrypted).

Encrypted:  Encrypts the password stored in the database; however this password can be viewed as plain text from the admin.
Password Sets the users password.
Password Hint Sets a password hint. Password hints can be used to determine a user identity before resetting a user password.
Password Answer Sets the answer to the password hint described above.
Account Lock When turned on, the user will not be able to log into their account. User accounts may also be locked due to excessive login attempts. This setting can be configured under Options > Users.
Notes Administrative notes for a user.
Pricing Group Sets the pricing group for a user. Pricing groups can be configured under People > Price Groups
Custom Question Answers Custom questions can be added to the user registration form on the store. These questions can be configured under People > User Sign-up Config. The answers to these questions will be stored in this area.

Additional Info
Groups Sets the group a user belongs to. Groups can be configured under People > Groups. Groups allow store admins to restrict or give access to sections of the site, including admin areas.
Billing and Shipping Address Sets the billing and shipping addresses for a user. This field will also display the last used Billing/Shipping address from an order placed by the customer.
Address Book Displays all addresses used by a customer. Click the “new” button to create a new address for the user.
Order History Displays the user’s order history.
Search History Displays the user’s search history or items searched for on the store. The search history for a user will be removed if the “Keyword Searches” report is reset.
User Wishlist Displays the user’s wish list.
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