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BVC 5 - Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a great way to keep in touch with customers by sending invites, discount/promotion notifications, newsletters, etc. Mailing lists can also be private such that merchants can control subscriptions as only public mailing lists are available for shoppers to subscribe.

A shopper must be signed in to subscribe to a mailing list. When signed in, a shopper can visit the "Your Account" section of the store and click the Mailing Lists link to subscribe as shown in Figure 1 below:

Creating a new Mailing Lists

Click the "new" button to create a new Mailing List.

Enter a descriptive name for the mailing list. The “Is Private” option allows you to hide the mailing list from the store. Users will not have the ability to subscribe. Store owners will have to manually assign users.

The Members section includes a “new” button to add users to the mailing list manually.

Furthermore you can use the Import/Export option to add new users. Simply enter user e-mail addresses separated by a space or comma. List can be imported from other programs or files.

The mailing list main page displays all of the existing mailing list. Click the “send mail” button to send the mailing list an e-mail.

Select an e-mail template from the drop down list. Email templates can be configured under Content > Email Templates.

Click the “preview” button to generate a preview the e-mail template. Clicking the “ok” button will send the e-mail to your mailing list.

Some hosting companies will not allow mass e-mails to be sent from the server. You may need to contact your hosting company and inquire the maximum number of e-mails you’re allowed to send at one time.

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