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BVC 5 - New Order

The New Order page provides the ability to manually create a new order. Let’s discuss the different sections of this screen.

Figure 1 above displays the top portion of the screen. Use the “browse” button to search for products within the store or manually enter the “SKU”. Click the “Add to Order” button to add the product to the order. If the product contains customer choices, a new screen will present itself with options for selecting the choices.

Figure 2 allows you to select the “Ship To” and “Bill To” address. The right side of the screen allows you to enter a username or browse for a user in the store. You can also create a new user by clicking the “new” button.

Selecting a user first will automatically populate the shipping/billing address with the shipping/billing address of the last order placed by the customer.

Figure 3 allows you to configure the shipping rates, payment, customer instructions and promotional codes.

After entering in your shipping/billing address, select the “Get Shipping Rates” button to view all available shipping rates.

Notice the Total, Tax, Shipping & Handling will automatically update as you make your selections.

Select the appropriate payment method and enter any customer instructions. You may also enter in any promotional codes that apply. Use the “arrow” button to add the promotional code to the order.

Once complete, select the “Place Order” button to finalize the order.

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