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BVC 5 - Edit Order

The Edit Order page provides the ability to edit an order that has been placed. This page can be accessed via the order manager. Click on an order to view the order details. Next, click on the “edit order” button.

Let’s discuss each section of the edit order page individually.

Section 1
1 This area allows you to change the user account associated with the order. You may also update the e-mail address used.

Use the “new” button to create a new user to assign this order to.
2 Updates the billing address for the order.
3 Updates the shipping address for the order.

Section 2
1 Updates the quantity ordered.
2 Allows you to edit the line item including all choices associated with the item.
3 Deletes the line item from the order.
4 Enter a SKU directly into this field or use the “browse” button to search for a product to add to the order.
5 After entering the SKU or browsing for a product, click the “Add to Order” button to add the item.
6 Click the “edit” button next to the shipping method used after editing the order. This will repopulate the shipping rates and provide an accurate rate for any adjustments made to the order.
7 Use this field to discount the order “x” amount of dollars. This field will deduct an amount from the order total.
Section 3
1 Use the delete button to remove any discount/promotional codes used for the order.
2 Use this area to add new discounts/promotional codes to the order.
3 Deletes the entire order.
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