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BVC 5 - Policies

Policies are customizable blocks of content that appear on the store, primarily in the "Your Account" and "Customer Service" pages.

All of the “Policies” that appear in Figure 1 will display under the “Your Account” and “Customer Service” pages on the store with the exception of “Shipping Policy”. The “Shipping Policy” will appear on the checkout page.

“System Policies” cannot be deleted. Use the “Edit” button to configure the content on these pages.

As an example, we’ll edit the “Return Policy” that appears on the stores customer service menu. Editing this item requires us to click the “edit” button corresponding to the “Return Policy” column.

We can add new blocks of content that will appear on this page or edit existing blocks of content. Blocks can be moved up or down to change the position of the items on the page.

Click the “edit” button to configure the content.

Figure 3 above displays the block in edit mode. Like most text areas, this block supports HTML and is currently using the “Markdown” WYSIWYG editor.

The store will handle displaying this content on the store.

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