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BVC 5 - Flash Image Rotator

The Flash Image Rotator allows you to define what images you’d like to rotate on the store. These images will rotate automatically without having to refresh the page.

Flash Rotator Properties
1 Displays the images added to the rotator. Use the “up/down” arrows to position in the images in the order you’d like them to appear. The images will appear in a descending order (top image appearing first).
2 If left unchecked, the images will appear in a random order.
3 When images in the rotator are clicked, the user will be directed to the URL defined when adding the image. Check this option to send the user to the URL in a new window.
4 Determines the amount of seconds between each image rotation.
5 Sets the size of the rotator.
6 Sets the background color.
7 Defines the HTML that will appear above the rotator. Example: “<div style="margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;">”
8 Defines the HTML that will appear after the rotator. Example: “</div>”

Figure 2 displays the option to add new images. Enter the image URL directly or use the “select” button to open the image browser window.

The “link to” field is the URL where you’d like to direct the user upon clicking on the image.

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