Posted by Ryan on April 13, 2020

Missing Phone Numbers On Your PayPal Orders?

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A common problem that many merchants run into when they enable PayPal as a payment option is that some orders enter into BV Commerce without a phone number. This can be a problem if the merchant needs to contact the customer regarding their order. [More]
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Posted by Ryan on March 06, 2020

Handling Credit Card Declines

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By default, BV Commerce will not place an order if the customer’s credit card is declined. In most cases, this is what the merchant wants, as the alternative would be to later contact the customer for payment information. However, there are some instances in which you might want such orders to enter into the system. For instance, in rare instances, the payment gateway that you are using may be experiencing technical issues (e.g. their servers are down), so that no credit card transactions are being accepted. In such a case, you may want to temporarily accept orders and then re-run the card from the admin once the payment gateway is working again. [More]
Posted by Andrew on December 18, 2017

Critical PCI Compliance Security Changes

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The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC, or simply PCI) is enforcing a deadline for the transition to TLS 1.2. All payment gateways, including Authorize.Net and PayPal, will require TLS 1.2. In turn, your site must support TLS 1.2 or you will be unable to process credit cards. Other services, such as UPS, are also enforcing this requirement. If you recently experienced problems with UPS real-time rates on your store, this is likely the reason. A non-exhaustive list of servi... [More]
Posted by Aaron on November 27, 2013

Creating a New Credit Card Payment Gateway Integration

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Does BV Commerce support ________ payment gateway? We hear this question all of the time. While BV Commerce does support a lot of credit card payment gateways out-of-the-box it doesn't support every one. Fortunately we provide an easy-to-use plugin architecture for developers to create new payment gateway integrations. In this article we'll walk through the plugin architecture and how to leverage it for your integration. Payment Gateway Class Create a new class in the /App_Code folder of your we... [More]
Posted by Aaron on November 20, 2013

Google Checkout Ends Today

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Today is the last day that Google Checkout is supported (see Google's announcement). If you are using Google Checkout with your BV Commerce store be sure to disable it today to avoid any issues. Here are the steps to disable Google Checkout in BV Commerce 5 and 2013: To disable Google CheckoutLog in to the admin of your site Click the Options tab Click "Payment" in the left-column menu Un-check Google Checkout and click the Save buttonIf you need help disabling Google Checkout or setting up ... [More]
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