Posted by Andrew on April 24, 2020

Properly Configure PayPal Referral Traffic in Google Analytics

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Without special configuration Google Analytics does not properly attribute revenue and transaction data for customers that use PayPal to pay for their order. [More]
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Posted by Aaron on September 14, 2015

Important Hotfix for BVC 2015 SP1

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We've discovered two critical bugs in 2015 SP1 that require a hotfix. Note that these bugs only affect SP1, so if you're running 2015 without SP1 these bugs do not affect you. [More]
Posted by Andrew on March 27, 2015

Using Google Analytics in BVC 2015

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Google Analytics has evolved significantly over the years, and even since BV Commerce 2013 was released. In BV Commerce 2015 we've integrated the latest Google Analytics features so you can make the most of the nuanced usage-tracking, demographics, and ecommerce reporting that Google now freely provides. [More]
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