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BVC 5 - Minimum Advertised Policy

BVC 5 easily allows for Minimum Advertised Policy implementation on the store level, as well the product level. Each product has a “text override” property allowing you to replace the price of the product with custom defined text.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at implementing Minimum Advertised Policy on a storewide level.

First, navigate to the Options > Workflows menu in the admin.

Select the edit button corresponding to the “Product Pricing” Workflow.

Select the drop down list located on the left side of the page. Choose “Override Price With Text” and click the “new” button.

Notice this task now appears in the Product Pricing Workflow. Select it's corresponding "edit" button.

Override Price With Text
Step Name Sets the step name for this particular Workflow Task. You can rename this Task if needed.
Override Product with this text Sets the text that will appear emplace of the products price. The customer will only be able to view the price if they add the item to the cart.
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