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BV Commerce 2020 release details

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Here is the complete list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in BV Commerce 2020. This list is relative to the previous release, BV Commerce 2018 SP1.

New Features

  • Redesigned admin
  • Bootstrap 4 theme with CSS buttons
  • Export reports
  • Sales by Region report (helpful in assessing sales tax nexus by state)
  • Sales by Price Group report
  • MultiSelect Type Property -- works like Multiple Choice but with the ability to assign multiple values to a product
  • Additional Images import/export
  • Volume Discounts import/export
  • Google Product Reviews feed
  • Option to display inventory levels on product pages
  • Option to send user account creation email
  • Google Optimize testing integration
  • Customers can check the balance of gift certificates


  • Google Analytics global site tag (gtag) update
  • Google Customer Reviews integration now passes purchased products to allow customers to review individual products
  • Updated UPS integration
  • USPS commercial rate support
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground support
  • More flexibility with whether commercial or residential rates are used for FedEx Ground based on whether a company name is entered in the shipping address
  • Ability to set contact form fields as optional or required
  • Ability to set user account creation fields as optional or required
  • Volume Discounts can be set as a percentage off Site Price and a percentage above Site Cost (in addition to being set as a fixed price as before)
  • Ability to convert a one-off, product-specific Modifier, Choice, or Input to a shared one
  • Ability to clone Sales
  • Product Modifier price and weight adjustments can now be done by a fixed amount or a percentage
  • Admin order discount (post-order adjustment) is now shown in applicable reports
  • New "Last 7 Days" date range option in admin date picker
  • Inventory out-of-stock report email reformatted and now includes kits
  • Ability to exclude inactive products from the inventory out-of-stock report email
  • Password Reset page improvements: hide reset button after reset (so users don't reset multiple times), logout user after reset, Enter key resets password rather than performing a site search, resetting password updates password expiration date for admins
  • Added product filtering to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell exports to allow more granular exports
  • Custom Pages can now be hidden
  • Ability to redirect disabled (inactive) products
  • File Upload product input now allows users to remove uploaded files
  • Ability to set default date range for Order Manager
  • Improved file type handling of purchased downloads for better browser and device support
  • Contact form email now uses customer's email address as reply-to address
  • Gift certificates admin enhancements


  • Remove operating system, IIS, and .NET Framework version information from response headers for PCI Compliance
  • Updated standard themes to jQuery 3.4.1 for PCI Compliance due to security vulnerability in older versions--custom themes will require a manual update
  • Stronger authentication for admin and customer accounts
  • More stringent credit card retention policy
  • Prevented open redirects
  • Receipt page visibility restricted
  • Checkout was accessible without logging in even if it was configured to require authentication
  • Implemented SameSite cookie security to meet Chrome and other browsers' coming security requirements

Kit Enhancements and Fixes

  • Sales did not discount kits
  • Kits now support Up-Sells and Cross-Sells
  • Kits can now be saved to the Wish List
  • Kits now support tax exemption--if all kit components are marked tax exempt the kit will be tax exempt, otherwise the kit will be taxable
  • Kits are now included in the inventory out-of-stock report
  • Persist kit component data for orders so it can be displayed in the admin even if the associated product(s) have been deleted--this change is NOT retroactive
  • Prevent kits that have been altered after a customer has added them to their cart from being purchased
  • When every kit component product was out-of-stock and its out-of-stock mode was set to "do not allow orders" an error would occur
  • Added Kit cost calculation
  • Kits can now be cloned
  • Kit templates could not be overridden in a theme when URL rewriting of products was disabled AND the kit had a manually-specified rewrite URL


  • Lazy XML deserialization for Custom Properties and Addresses
  • Eliminated redundant product lookups--most significant for products with choices/variants and kits
  • Faster loading of suggested items (i.e. 'people who bought this also bought that') on product pages
  • Significantly faster loading of Groups/Roles edit page in admin
  • Faster loading of Gift Certificates page in admin
  • Cache credit card types (e.g. MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, etc) to eliminate redundant lookups, particularly in Order Manager
  • Removed redundant product lookup on product page
  • RSS Feed Viewer content block now has a timeout limit of 5 seconds to prevent remote sites from taking down a site/page
  • Option to pre-JIT (compile) key site pages on application startup/restart for faster initial page load times
  • Extended admin timeouts for long-running operations like import/export and reporting

Bug Fixes

  • UPS negotiated rates work again after updating the integration
  • FedEx never returned residential rates, always commercial/business, even when configured to 'force residential rates'
  • Estimate Shipping cart pop-up and inline cart shipping calculator set shipping state/region using the full name (e.g. "California") rather than the abbrevation (e.g. "CA") which prevented some shipping methods from returning rates (e.g. FedEx)
  • Inline cart shipping calculator could cause mixed state/region bvin and name values which could cause some shipping methods to not return rates
  • Changes to orders such as refunds, admin discounts, and tax exempt status did not update Avalara
  • In some cases taxes could be submitted to Avalara multiple times for the same order
  • If an order was placed that was taxable but later edited to use an address that is not taxable, Avalara was not updated
  • Cancelling an order did not return inventory to stock
  • ShipStation order export data now more thoroughly cleaned to prevent the posibility of bad data breaking the XML
  • Feed Engine XML text cleaner updated to better strip HTML for feeds like Google Sitemap
  • Update Google Remarketing integration to handle newer non-integer conversion_id values
  • Disable Facebook tacking pixel auto configuration which can cause issues by preventing click events from firing
  • Tracking numbers were not included in emails when using a non-realtime shipping method (e.g. Order Rules rather than UPS)
  • Offer restriction of X uses per customer only worked if the user had an account and was logged into it
  • Orders could sometimes be placed without an email address
  • On very high traffic sites duplicate order numbers could occassionally occur
  • Volume Discounts did not correctly calculate for variant products
  • Orders placed when impersonating a customer account did not set the sales person as the impersonator (if their user was configured as a sales person)
  • Free Promo item offer items in abandoned carts caused the cart cleanup process to fail and BVC to restart
  • Redirect to primary domain feature did not work when BVC was running in a sub-folder
  • Custom Page import did not update rewrite URL when changing templates
  • Sale setting to allow price to go below cost did not work in some configurations
  • Moving (reordering) the Assign Order Number workflow step within the Process New Order workflow could result in the order number not being saved in the event that a subsequent workflow step failed
  • HTML entities (e.g. ™) were not being cleaned up in feeds which caused problems with XML feeds, like the Google sitemap
  • Custom Pages list in site footer was cached and did not update until cache was purged
  • Deleted Orders did not have loyalty points voided if the store used inventory tracking
  • Google Customer Reviews badge no longer displays in pop-up windows
  • Radio Button List and Image Radio Button List Choices did not hide disabled/invalid combination
  • [[Product]] replacement tags failed to be replaced, which could prevent the email from being sent, for order line items where the associated product has been deleted
  • Address.IsEmpty didn't always return the correct value depending on the data
  • Default values and validation for product inserts and updates could be circumvented by directly calling Mapper class
  • Un-rewritten product URLs with additional query string parameters (e.g. LineItemId from cart links) would see the additional parameters duplicated in the URL
  • Un-rewritten product, category, and custom page URLs could not be redirected
  • SqlDataHelper.ExecuteReader would throw an invalid cast error with certain parameter data types (e.g. Guid)
  • Product review request emails were attempted to be sent even if there was no email address associated with the order
  • Redirector did not support newer top-level domains (TLD)
  • Prevent entering of Gift Certificate code patterns with leading or trailing spaces -- this causes unexpected problems
  • Out-of-Stock choice selection caused JavaScript error due to quantity field validator
  • Product downloads did not display for overpaid orders
  • Hide BackInStockNotification control/markup when disabled--gets rid of empty
    placeholder on page
  • Orders with gift wrap line items throw exception if the line item has been deleted
  • User account address book addresses did not always meet the field requirements set in the admin nor did the UI display the proper requirements
  • [[Order]] replacement tags did not replace in Html Content Blocks when a user was not logged into their account
  • Dropdown Choice caused "invalid choice combination" message to show on product page if no default choice was set and the first choice was a disabled/invalid combination
  • Facebook tracking pixel improperly handled variant products
  • Category Grid content block cached category data did not update when categories were modified


  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • Converted all columns in the database that store XML (e.g. addresses, Custom Properties, etc) to XML data type columns
  • Converted all ntext database columns to nvarchar(max) to ensure compatibility with future versions of SQL Server
  • Type Property database structure (bvc_ProductPropertyValue) updated to better handle Multiple Choice and the new MultiSelect Choice property
  • Redirected old /m URLs to prevent crawling and removed all other files from folder
  • Added fn_bvc_GetAddressField SQL function to simplify querying address field data
  • Added fn_bvc_GetCustomProperty SQL function to simplify querying Custom Property data
  • Moved Google Tag Manager into the head section of the page
  • Ability to override SiteStandardRoot and SiteSecureRoot from Web.config without having to modify database settings
  • Admin order discount (post-order adjustment) is now a separate field in the Order table, rather than a Custom Property, to allow easier querying
  • Added Order object FindByBvinLight and FindByOrderNumberLight functions
  • Custom Pages now support Custom Properties
  • Added CustomProperty GetValue generic functions with default value
  • Option to log full stack traces to Audit Log for unhandled exceptions
  • SQL timeout errors are captured in the Audit Log
  • Template preview images in admin are now overridable in themes
  • WebAppSettings.Mapper.Save method did not update cache--this method was unused in stock codebase
  • Removed CredEx integration since the service no longer exists
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Mike Waters
Mike Waters
11/13/2019 6:29:39 PM #

Congratulations Aaron and team... keep up the great work.   Looking forward to upgrading customers to the newest release!

Thank you for your continued support,


Mike Waters


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