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BV Commerce 2018 SP1 release details

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Here is the complete list of new features, enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes in Service Pack 1 (SP1). This list is relative to the last release, BV Commerce 2018.

New Features

  • Product page URL updates with VariantId query string when a choice combination is selected--allows copy/pasting URL for direct linking to a variant product
  • SVG theme button support for high pixel density (Retina) screens
  • SVG button set for Foundation 4 and Bootstrap 3 themes--includes Adobe Illustrator template file


  • Admin product picker can now filter products by active/disabled status
  • New replacement tokens: [[Order.TotalPaid]] and [[Order.BalanceDue]]
  • Display price adjustment of each Radio Button List modifier option
  • Redesigned dynamic category criteria edit page
  • Log when order is deleted from admin
  • Facebook Open Graph integration now supports UpdatedTime property, removed "category" page type


  • Short-circuit Offer processing if it requires a coupon code and the order doesn't have any codes
  • On product page only lookup Type Property values for properties set to display on site--saves SQL queries
  • Eliminate SQL queries for each Radio Button List modifier option
  • Removed Country database lookup for Facebook Open Graph integration
  • Significantly reduced ViewState on Custom Pages
  • Remove unneeded query from Gift Certificates admin page

Bug Fixes

  • Content Block cached data did not update when changes were made in the admin
  • Manufacturers lookup sometimes failed depending on what was currently being cached
  • Products by Category offer did not work
  • Password reset used characters that caused problems when sending HTML version of password reset email
  • Change Password account page in Foundation 4 and Bootstrap 3 themes did not allow special characters
  • Unable to edit shared Inputs and Modifiers--user was mistakenly taken to the shared Choices edit page
  • Fingerprinting of HtmlLink and HtmlScript controls caused exception due to pathing issue when BVC was running in a sub-folder
  • Fingerprinting of HtmlLink and HtmlScript controls caused exception when file didn't exist/invalid path
  • Fingerprinting of HtmlLink and HtmlScript controls using a query string in the URL caused an 'illegal characters in path' exception
  • Checkout page sometimes caused an error ('Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.') when removing an incomplete payment
  • Bootstrap & Foundation credit card form did not display validation messages at top of One Page Checkout Plus page
  • USPS girth calculation was oversized because it used length (longest dimension) and height rather than width & height
  • USPS International rates failed if none of the items in the cart had dimensions
  • ShipStation integration did not properly implement paging which was an issue if more than 100 orders were returned at once--typically only occurred on the very first import after setting up an account or for very high volume merchants
  • Weight for kit items was not being properly passed to ShipStation
  • Exclude non-shipping and gift certificate line items from ShipStation export
  • Order shipping page would generate an error if the ShippingProviderServiceCode field for the order was blank
  • Prevent Sales from calculating to $0 or cost (depending on whether the store or Sale is configured to sell below cost) when the field being discounted (i.e. List Price or Site Price) is $0
  • Prevent disabled products from being purchased
  • Additional Images were added and updated for each variant product
  • Dynamic category regeneration process fails when a category has invalid Criteria XML data--category is now skipped
  • HTTPS redirect on admin login page didn't work
  • Hide credit card Charge button for orders that have already been authorized
  • User Loyalty Points edit page did not allow changes to be saved unless points were set to expire
  • Orders placed through the admin for a customer with Loyalty Points would result in the points being used but then the points payment was deleted from the order
  • Default values and validation for product inserts & updates could be circumvented by directly calling Mapper class
  • Custom Page import incorrectly validated TemplateName field
  • Bootstrap 3 theme records in a list product grid were getting their height set too tall
  • Bootstrap 3 checkout page account creation area had incorrect CSS classes
  • Prevent assigning a child category as a parent on the category edit page following a postback
  • Product inventory edit page did not update with newly entered data
  • Variations tab in product edit area did not display immediately after adding first choice to product
  • Print issue in admin--type printed too small when using browser 'shrink to fit' feature
  • Admin header message was not properly positioned
  • View Account button on admin order pages had an oversized click target
  • Affiliate Sales report styling fixes
  • Bvc2013 theme style sheet was hiding the shipping rates button on the cart page


  • ProductTypeDisplay control has property to enable rendering Type Properties as a table, rather than an unordered list, for possible rich snippet/rich card pickup by Google
  • Order.FindByOrderNumber function now loads the entire Order object like the FindByBvin function
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