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BV Commerce 2018 release details

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Here is the complete list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in BV Commerce 2018. This list is relative to the previous release, BV Commerce 2017.

New Features

  • PayPal Credit payment support
  • Google Customer Reviews integration (which replaced Google Trusted Stores)
  • Added support for new MasterCard 2-series BINs
  • Updated admin design for a fresh look and better use of screen real estate
  • Redesigned product edit admin pages
  • Import/export support for Up-Sells and Cross-Sells
  • Show out-of-stock status for dropdown and radio button list choice options, when product has only one choice
  • Hide choice option when variant is set to inactive, when product has only one choice
  • Ability to exclude Price Group users from Offers
  • Added ability to edit Shared Choices from a product (rather than having go to the Shared Choices page)
  • Ability to require ReWrite URL field for products, categories, and custom pages
  • Content Column content block—allows you to use/nest Content Columns within other Content Columns
  • Logging out from an impersonated user automatically returns you to your account
  • Added support for USPS Small Flat Rate Box real-time rates
  • Organization rich snippet/schema
  • Added [[VendorManufacturer]] individual address field replacement tags


  • http/https redirects now use a 301 redirect to help smooth the transition to site-wide https
  • Relaxed email address format validation to allow for newer top-level domains
  • Updated validation messaging to differentiate between billing and shipping addresses on Foundation and Bootstrap checkout pages
  • Display kit component quantities in cart and order information
  • Allow multiple refunds from a Payflow Pro charge/capture
  • Rich snippet/schema "description" added to Bvc2013 template; product SKU now identified as the "sku" property instead of the "productID" property
  • RewriteUrl field added to CustomPage import/export
  • Additional import/export validation for Category and CustomPage content columns
  • Google Shopping feed now supports loyalty_points, identifier_exists (natively, without Type Property), and Type Property support for max_handling_time, min_handling_time, and size_type field
  • Explicitly set currency on Google Shopping price fields so it does not need to be configured in the account to prevent an error/warning


  • Application-wide caching framework significantly reduces SQL database queries needed for each page load, providing a significant reduction in server response time
  • Refactored codebase to leverage existing BVC object property caching to save numerous SQL queries in workflow steps, most notably Offer processing
  • Order Activity content block loads significantly faster—consequently the Admin Dashboard now loads much more quickly
  • Eliminated query when individual orders and carts are loaded
  • Optimized Sales by Customer report query
  • Eliminated unnecessary USPS API calls
  • Significantly reduce ViewState size (and therefore page size) on Bvc2013 product template, cart, and up-sell & cross-sell interstitial pages


  • Strengthened password generation with uppercase letters and special characters
  • Implemented PCI password lockout settings for new installs (fewer retry attempts & longer lockout time)

Bug Fixes

  • "Remember User Passwords" (i.e. keep users logged in) setting caused all users except the super-admin to be logged out when entering checkout (even if they just logged in from the checkout login page)
  • Manually reordering products in the admin did not display products correctly if the category's sort order was not set to "Default"
  • Manually reordering products in a category via admin did not save changes
  • Inventory wasn't being checked properly in some scenarios since 2017 inventory performance change (e.g. some categories, up-sells & cross-sells on interstitial page, wish list page, etc) which caused products set to 'remove from store' to be displayed anyway OR when site-wide inventory was disabled products wouldn't be displayed.
  • Google Shopping feed excluded parent products (including products that had no choices) when the "Include Choice Combinations" setting was checked AND the "Include parent product of Choice Combinations" setting was unchecked
  • Customers were unable to change their email address if their password contained a special character
  • Audit Log entries failed when a database query error occurred and it had a null parameter
  • Placing an order while impersonating a customer would attribute impersonating admin user's affiliate (if there was one)
  • BVC 2017 data upgrade script failed when more than one Type Property exists for UPC or MPN
  • Price Text for products did not display in some areas of the frontend (e.g. product page) due to ProductDisplayData.SitePriceDisplay ignoring it
  • Foundation theme dropdown menu did not work properly for touch laptops
  • Authorize.Net payment gateway did not work in test mode
  • Refunds using PayPal Express (and presumably PayPal Payments Pro) failed sometimes because the invoiceId (order number) was not provided
  • PayPal Payments Pro only supported USD
  • PayPal (all types) refunds ONLY worked for USD
  • Product review author and rating schema (rich snippet) issues—rating values now only display when at least one review exists and author was not nested properly
  • Site search rich snippet/schema on homepage used incorrect query string parameter
  • Multiple shipping discounts did not add together but instead only one was used
  • Minimum shipping package dimensions were not being set properly for UPS, FedEx, and DHL which in some cases caused no rates to be returned
  • DHL rates would not be displayed in multiple DHL rates were requested and one or more of them did not return a rate
  • Product import allowed variant (child) products to be assigned to categories
  • Clear in-memory import/export/feed data objects so that they are updated the next time they are used/run rather than using stale data (also frees up some server memory)
  • Kit pricing did not use customer-specific pricing when placing an order via admin or API
  • Kit stock checks could cause an error in certain scenarios
  • USPS First Class Mail did not return rates because the thickness was getting rounded up to 1" which exceeds the max size. Other package dimension fixes.
  • USPS shipping packages without a ShippingProviderServiceCode value (which is always the case when using ShipStation) displayed as being shipped by "-- International --" on the ShipOrders.aspx page in the admin
  • USPS First Class packages large enough to be considered a parcel did not return a rate
  • USPS shipping method edit page threw an error if you selected the blank method or the "-- Internal --" divider method. These were both removed.
  • USPS international rates, and possibly other methods that use the state/region textbox, were not always returned when state/region textbox field was changed on One Page Checkout Plus
  • Shopping cart page for Foundation and Bootstrap themes displayed old item quantity after updating or removing items from the cart
  • "Get Rates" button in shipping estimate pop-up window did not reappear after getting rates in Foundation and Bootstrap themes
  • "Detailed List" category template in Bootstrap theme displayed as a grid instead of a list
  • CartShippingCalculator and ProductReviewDisplayInline controls were missing CSS classes in Bootstrap theme
  • Prevent dummy/bad data from admin for Pre/Post Content Columns and for Category CustomPageId and CustomPageURL from entering database and clean up existing dummy/bad data
  • Foundation & Bootstrap theme Contact page form fields displayed Question Name field rather than Question field
  • URL Redirects did not work properly when running BVC as a sub-application (sub-folder)—the sub-folder was being prepended to the requested URL
  • Google Analytics ecommerce conversion tracking was not firing on receipt page when running BVC as a sub-application (sub-folder)
  • Kits and Product Additional Images admin pages allowed image paths to include leading or trailing spaces which would cause an error
  • Price Group rules for Vendor and Manufacturer were not deleted when the associated Vendor or Manufacturer was deleted
  • Tab index of credit card issuer number field was out of order on One Page Checkout Plus
  • Product Grid and Product Rotator content blocks in responsive themes did not show correct pre & post HTML in the admin (but did on the front end)
  • Added missing image for 'review request' email template
  • Various tweaks & fixes to Bootstrap responsive theme
  • Loyalty points were not being credited to orders
  • Loyalty points totals for customers were not always calculated correctly with expired points


  • Added query string fingerprinting for cache busting of CSS and JS files when using HtmlLink and HtmlScript controls
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA validator control to Core
  • Application-wide email address validation RegEx changeable via WebAppSettings
  • Failure to add Google Analytics tracking to page now gets logged to Audit Log rather than failing silently
  • PayPal API TransactionSearch and GetTransactionDetails calls never worked (object reference error)
  • ProductUpSell and ProductCrossSell classes now have 'standard' data access functions; removed index requirement for unique SortOrder value to accommodate this
  • Use store email address to send mail server test email, rather than [email protected], for better deliverability
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