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BV Commerce 2015 SP2 release details

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Here is the complete list of new features, enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes in Service Pack 2 (SP2). This list is relative to the last release, BV Commerce 2015 SP1.

New Features

  • ShipStation shipping software integration
  • FedEx SmartPost rate support and similar service from another carrier
  • UPS negotiated rate support
  • Broken/missing product images feed--quickly identify and fix issues
  • Added ability to add tracking URL parameters to product feeds (e.g. Google Analytics UTM tracking)
  • Google Remarketing tag integration control (not admin-able)


  • Redesigned Foundation4 Responsive theme header to have separate desktop, tablet, and phone views plus other enhancements
  • One Page Checkout Plus guest/account creation verbiage improvements for better conversion
  • Added ability to duplicate orders in the admin and jump to a customer account from their order
  • Usability improvements to admin new and edit order pages
  • Added [[Order.SalesPerson]] replacement tag
  • [[Order.*]] (i.e. shopping cart) replacement tags now supported in "HTML" Content Blocks
  • [[User.*]] replacement tags now available from order emails
  • Added [[Site.*]] replacement tags for all store email addresses (i.e. contact page receipt, inventory low report, new order, and product review notification addresses)
  • Added ability to unselect default Multiple Choice type property value


  • Admin Catalog tab (Catalog >> Products) loads faster
  • UPS rates now use a single API call for all packages and rates--significant performance improvement for large orders
  • Customer List report rewritten to run much faster

Bug Fixes

  • FedEx "Use List Rates" setting wasn't used--rates always used account rates
  • Free Shipping offers didn't discount shipping rate adjustments or product extra ship fees
  • Advanced Search displayed out-of-stock products set to not show on site
  • Successive searches from search page revert to original keyword after page 1
  • Search page query string handling caused inaccurate site search reporting in Google Analytics
  • Custom Link category that links to homepage results in a breadcrumb of "Home >> Home" when on the homepage
  • Anthem caused 'Refused to set unsafe header "Accept-Encoding"' error in Chrome on AJAX requests
  • New orders always have status set to "On Hold" when loyalty points are disabled and when the "Debit Loyalty Points" workflow step is configured to change the order status on failure
  • Rolled back hiding of browser header and footer when printing in Chrome & Firefox because it caused an issue with Internet Explorer
  • Editing an order with deleted products from the cart (before order was placed) caused erroneous data in admin and would generate an error when editing the order
  • Editing an order and assigning a user account to it caused product prices to update
  • Editing an order set the 'admin price' which prevented the use of the "Recalculate Product Price" button from working
  • Hidden categories were not dislayed in category tree
  • 'Select all' checkbox doesn't work in admin after Anthem AJAX page updates
  • Product prices and inventory quantities sometimes wouldn't load in admin product picker
  • In the admin the "Category Type" (SourceType) dropdown was not properly set when creating a new category that wasn't a "Static" category--if the dropdown wasn't changed the category might not have been properly setup
  • Adding promo code on cart page does not update order discounts until page is reloaded
  • Editing placed and partially or completely shipped orders caused incorrect real-time shipping rates because LineItem.GetTotalWeight() only included non-shipped items
  • Impersonating an admin account with an expired password redirects impersonator to expired password page
  • Inventory was not reserved properly when using the web services API to place orders
  • Foundation4 theme "Search Box" Content Block generated an error when performing a search
  • Postbacks from custom error page (/Error.aspx) don't work (e.g. searching)
  • Content Column 'edit' links display when user has ContentView permissions but not LoginToAdmin permissions
  • Product Review "User Name" and "User Email" fields were not being saved
  • Buy X Get Y By Category offer was not applying the discount to the most expensive item that was equal to or less than the least expensive qualifying item when a qualifying item was the same as a promo item
  • Added missing [[Site.StoreAddress]] replacement tag to EmailTemplate to mirror PrintTemplate replacement tag (which is a duplicate of [[Site.Address]])
  • Cached RegEx URL redirects were not being updated until application restarted
  • Users would remain on interstitual up-sell/cross-sell page when adding an item to their cart when store was configured to remain on product page after adding item to cart
  • Facebook Open Graph og:title and og:description tags were not populated correctly
  • Google Remarketing tag did not always propertly identify the homepage and conversions could be counted multiple times
  • Some attributes (e.g. alt text and Facebook Open Graph page title) were being double encoded
  • Search keyword query string was not being properly encoded with theme overriding
  • Search pager was not encoding keyword query string
  • "File Upload" Product Input would generate an error when a file was uploaded from a non-Windows computer with a filename containing characters not supported by Windows; an error could also occur with very long filenames


  • Updated pathing of assets and controls in Foundation4 Responsive theme to be relative so they no longer need to be updated when duplicating the theme
  • Detailed logging of SQL errors to Audit Log
  • Added more complete HTML 5 input type support to Anthem
  • Order object enhancements
    • Added Order.FindByOrderNumber function
    • Added Order.SalesPerson property to get associated UserAccount object
  • Log credit card cleanup task begin/end
  • Added review author schema to product reviews
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