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BV Commerce 2015 SP1 release details

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Here is the complete list of new features, enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes in Service Pack 1 (SP1). This list is relative to the last release, BV Commerce 2015.

New Features

  • Mobile keyboard optimizations to checkout and rest of responsive theme pages (see example before & after image below)
  • Site-wide SSL support
  • Sales Tax import/export



  • Google Trusted Stores integration update
  • Admin print templates no longer print browser header/footer (e.g. URL, timestamp, etc)
  • Ability to set default print templates for invoices, packing slips, and admin receipts
  • Admin print page auto-loads default template on page load and when changing a template for faster use; Close button was also moved to top-of-page to reduce scrolling
  • Admin image browser now maintains scroll position and uses AJAX for faster performance plus the 'Enter' key can be used in text fields
  • Admin product picker can now filter by Product Type, uses AJAX for faster response, and has better paging
  • Sales Person now displays "Last Name, First Name" on admin order entry and edit pages rather than using the username
  • Mailing List Signup and Mailing List Unsubscribe content blocks save email address to user's shopping cart for remarketing (shopping cart abandonment) use
  • Gift certificate list is hidden on frontend when no gift certificates were used on the order


  • Application restart time due to file changes has been drastically reduced
  • Address "IsEmpty" property now treats "Unknown" country name as empty
  • Themes now support WebP image format for buttons
  • Added "TaxExempt" property to Order object

Bug Fixes

  • Editing shared choices can cause application to hang
  • PayPal Express checkout fails when a shipping discount is present
  • Customer phone number not always captured with PayPal orders
  • Package dimensions calculated incorrectly with oversized packages that must be split and with the 'ship separately' setting on a product which causes inaccurate shipping rates in some cases
  • Unable to edit orders in admin when it contains a product that no longer exists
  • Unable to edit order with shipping 'to be determined'
  • Admin order entry page didn't use site-wide disable inventory setting and didn't validate inventory when adjusting line item quantities; edit order page didn't validate inventory
  • Session state error on application start in some environments
  • It was possible to assign a parent category to one of its children through the admin
  • Category tree view would display incorrect category name when bolded
  • File Upload product input did not allow editing line item, replacing uploaded file, or use via the admin order entry and edit pages
  • Unable to perform a partial refund with Gift Certificates
  • Default option does not work for image radio button choice
  • Private stores using responsive theme go into redirect loop for unauthenticated users
  • Responsive theme CSS and JS files were pathed to site root which did not work for stores running in a sub-folder
  • Admin order entry page did not default address country to store's country
  • Unable to override theme files when using personalized theme feature
  • Product import/export was incorrectly validating the TemplateName field
  • Avalara AvaTax integration did not pass order discounts so sales tax was being improperly calculated in that scenario
  • LineItemView wasn't rendered to e-mail and print templates
  • AdWords and AdCenter conversions could be double-counted if a user reloaded the Receipt page
  • Product Batch Edit in admin did not update corresponding custom URL record (when using a manually-specific rewrite URL) when changing product template
  • Import/export field name matching was case sensitive
  • Duplicate/nested <h2> tag in responsive "Sub-Sub Category Menu" category template
  • ratingValue and reviewCount Google rich snippets flagged by Google when they did not have a value
  • WebAppSetting.ProductReviewEmail was not used to send review notification emails--instead it was using the "ProductReviewEmail" Site Term per the old Develisys BVC 5 toolkit code
  • 'Copy to Cart' feature does not propertly check inventory before adding to cart
  • Hitting 'Enter' key in the forgot password page form took user to search page
  • Entering HTML in the Long Description of a Gift Certificate product generated an error
  • RMA page in responsive theme generated error when submitting return
  • Email Order workflow step did not show custom email address when editing step
  • Paging query string of "1" (or less) were included in canonical URL
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