Posted by Aaron on September 02, 2013

BV.NEXT - a better maintenance plan

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BV.NEXTBV.NEXT, pronounced "BV dot next", is our reboot of the old maintenance plan. I never liked the term "maintenance plan" because it sounded like you were paying for routine work on your store, like changing the oil in your car. BV.NEXT puts the focus back on software enhancement and new features, entitling you to all software updates, including full-version upgrades, released during the term of your plan. You'll also get real support with a guaranteed 24-hour response time during the work week. That's peace of mind!

What hasn't changed is that BV.NEXT is a yearly plan with a cost of $495. New license purchases include one free year of BV.NEXT service.

New License Management Console

We've developed a new license management console to make it easier to keep track of your license(s) and the status of your BV.NEXT plan(s). We'll also send automated renewal reminder emails when your BV.NEXT plan is nearing its expiration date. Lastly, you'll have easy access to the downloads that are available for your license(s) based on the status of their BV.NEXT plan(s). Take a look at the screenshot below to see how it works. Click the Downloads link in the upper-right corner of the website to access this new feature (note that this is only available for new purchases).

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