Posted by Aaron on April 06, 2017

TLS 1.2 support for pre-BVC 2017

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PCI Compliance requires that your website support TLS 1.2 for secure (https) connections. Only BV Commerce 2017 and above support TLS 1.2. Learn more about your options. [More]
Posted by Aaron on September 02, 2013

Upgrading to BV Commerce 2013

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We've gone to great lengths to ensure a simple upgrade process to BV Commerce 2013. Read on for the upgrade instructions for BV Commerce 5.X and 2004. Upgrading from BV Commerce 5.X The process of upgrading to BV Commerce 2013 is similar to previous BV Commerce 5.X upgrades. Let's start with the system requirements, as this is the biggest area of change compared to prior versions. System RequirementsWindows Server 2003 or above (i.e. IIS 6 or above) .NET Framework 4.0 with Full Trust SQL ... [More]
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